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  1. Original Samsung MLT-D205L New Black Toner Cartridge - High Capacity



    •  Page Yield 5000 Pages
    •  Cost Per Page 2.8 cent(s)
    •  Shelf Life 2 Years
    •  Capacity OEM
    •  Color Black
    •  Quantity 1 Toner Cartridge
    •  Product Type OEM
    Warranty: Warranty by Manufacturer.


    Information about OEM , Re-manufactured & Compatible Cartridges

    What is OEM (Genuine Cartridges)?

    OEM cartridge is manufactured by same company who manufactured the printer.
    Look for "OEM or Genuine" in the description if you want to buy this quality
    Prices can be very high thus resulting in high cost per page
    Warranty offered only by Manufacturer.

    What is Re-manufactured (OEM Grade Cartridges)?

    Re-manufactured  cartridges are sent to some manufacturer who will restock the ink and replace any parts that are damaged .Quality test is performed on each     cartridge and its a proven alternative to OEM (Genuine cartridges).This is Environmental Friendly as it is using recycled products and good for environment.
    Error rate : 0.3%   
    Quality : Similar to OEM (Genuine) 
    Your savings can be up to 20-30% compare to OEM (Genuine Cartridges) 
    Look for "OEM Grade" in the description if you want to buy this quality. 

    What is Compatible cartridges? 

    Compatible cartridge is manufactured by another company other than the printer manufacturer.
    Error rate : 1.5%
    Quality : It will work good for documents and normal day to day use.
    Your savings can be up to 30-60% compare to OEM (Genuine) & Re-manufactured OEM Grade 
    Usage : Good for Black & White Printing and some normal color documents. 
    Look for "Compatible" in the description if you want to buy this quality

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  2. Samsung MLT-D205L New Compatible Black Toner Cartridge - High Capacity



    •  Page Yield up to 5,000 pages 
    •  Cost Per Page 1.1 cent(s)
    •  Shelf Life 2 years
    •  Capacity High Yield
    •  Color Black
    •  Quantity 1 Toner Cartridge
    •  Product Type New Compatible
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